How to choose the first fall dress ?

Be in the early autumn season, and our almirah also is producing change quietly. Summer, we love to wear the tiny short skirt that makes public enthusiasm a small condole belt. Arrived autumn, it seems that we already had some strength. And the gentle and durable dress is we warm the sharp weapon that holds modeling concurrently.
The Fall skirt of autumn is given priority to with low saturated Moolan di color department. Design is in the majority with medium long money, won’t resemble summer, so dew, integral atmosphere leans comfortable loose.
To be both comfortable and stylish, these little fall dresses are all about the collar. There are four types: sexy V-necks, bold square necks, sweet love necks, and brilliant shirt necks.

V-neck Fall dress

The V-neck is supposed to be the least provocative and the most revealing, right? And the white slit dress of C/MEO COLLECTIVE looks like magnolia. Besides, the shape of bubble sleeves and V-neck supports the shoulders, which further shows the slender neckline. The overall body is a dress that relaxes at both ends and tights in the middle. And The pleats at the waist tighten the skirt, balancing the sense of breathing and modeling perfectly.
FINDERS KEEPERS brought us the colors of the Southern Hemisphere Australian autumn, with a more passionate coral pink base, layered psychedelic prints, and a temperament of broad belts and waists, which were surprisingly traditional and Oriental, adding three-dimensional decoration.
Why FINDERS KEEPERS for autumn dresses? The texture of this dress is inclined to mature atmosphere. The black high slit V collar is suitable for an evening dress to attend activities, and you can wear a short sweater outside or a T-shirt inside during the day.
RIXO flounces dress cream color background makes the whole skirt like A cranberry toffee. And red and green mixed with small broken flowers for soft sweet bring A trace of sour cool. meanwhile, the slim version is particularly suitable for us Asian girls, tiny waist, A shape, sweet and beautiful are you!

Square neck Fall dress

The square collar is widened based on an ordinary collar shape to increase the opening area, exposing the collarbone to exert the most significant charm point of the killing part. MING MA is no stranger to all of us. The girl’s heart is bursting with the excellent black floret-embroidered fabric combined with the version with bubble sleeve and waist close!
As for beauty, FAITHFULL THE BRAND always has its good taste. THE classic white dress has THE temperament of the goddess, and THE small broken flowers create a friendly neighborhood feeling. Such a simple style always has its unshakable position in THE wardrobe.
Square collar and bubble sleeve are easy to create an exquisite sense of court. If by Land skillfully combines square collar and romantic floral fabric. The blue and green floral dots are full of free beauty, and the exquisite version plus multiplying create a stylish atmosphere.

  Shirt-collar Fall dress

The shirt and shirt collar family are everyday wear items, combining wit and intelligence. Deep moss has brought some of the most glamorous simple looks to modern urban women. And this time in a shirt-dress made from a soft, silky ivory fabric likened to a well-read lady.
It is the urban style of the enthusiastic Nanushka. SABRI’s long shirtdress is a short-sleeved shirt with a longer bottom. Slim lapels with short sleeves are modern, and pleats at the waist add details. Pair it with a woven belt for a tiny waist.

Love collar dress

In addition to the neckline as mentioned above dresses, there is also a love collar. The appearance is somewhat similar to the square collar, but the difference is that the neckline is curved downward. Try out in dangerous edge, add more charming nifty feeling. If by Land’s love collar floral dress simply retro to the end. Green broken flowers with nostalgia filter, soft bubble sleeve, and love collar together hair force.
C/MEO COLLECTIVE we’ve talked about this before. The length of the dress is cut lengthwise to achieve a slim and tight curve. Accessorize with sandals and delicate accessories, and instantly turn into a glamorous retro girl.

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