35 Passionate beach nails to have a good Summer time!

What is the color of nails worn on the beach in summer? Yes, it is! Blue and white! Beach nails are now very popular Pair these gorgeous marine nails with a beautiful beach swimsuit. Negative Space Wave Like a lazy manicure river, this negative space wave for hands is a labor-saving, high-impact design. For tools, you only need to use the streak brush to help accurately.

Although we are unlikely to be jetting off to a sunny beach any time soon, there is no reason why we can’t enjoy a summer holiday in the UK (with more soggy barbecues and a bit less sun, if allowed). So if you crave those tropical vibes, you can start with a bit of manicure at home. Yes, from neon nails to rainbow stripes, pastel nail polish, to metal nail polish, everyone has a beach nail idea.

Mermaid beach nails

Our love for Disney Princess Ariel needs some awesome mermaid nail art ideas in our beach nail art guide. Remember the age when you realized that you couldn’t become a mermaid? Well, put aside physics, let this mermaid tail nail have a super stylish and mature atmosphere, which can realize your childhood dreams. Reward: No special tools are needed, just a little patience.

The mermaid represents wisdom and bravery. If you add this pattern to your nails, it will double your charm.

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