Choose a Wall decorative painting for a better home with accent!

If there is a single product that can enhance the home’s temperament with one click, it must be a wall decorative painting.

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Many people look around after finishing all their home decorations. The empty walls are matched with the overall tone of the furniture. And they always feel a little bit lacking in layering and brilliance. Decorative paintings on the walls are indispensable for home decoration, but many friends still ignore their significance.

Hanging a decorative painting somewhere in the home space can match the color of the furniture. Besides, it can enhance the space’s style, and bring artistic flavor. Not only can it effectively activate and render the environment and atmosphere. But it can also fill in the visual gaps and highlight the homeowner’s own aesthetic and life attitude.

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Want to look tasteful and accent at home? Let’s start by picking a beautiful decorative painting.


Wall decorative painting Integrate with the decoration style

The soft decoration of the home is actually to bring out the overall style of the home decoration. The content and color of the painting should be unified with the decoration style. But the material and color of the frame should also be commensurate with the decoration style.


If the decoration of the house is classical European and French style, you can choose oil paintings with a retro feel as decoration.

Suppose the decoration style of the house is Nordic minimalist style. In that case, it should also be adjusted along with the decoration style. And the minimalist style decoration painting with modern sense should be chosen instead.

For the Japanese style with a concise and soft manner, this choice seems out of place. Instead, decorative paintings with smooth lines and relaxed compositions become more appropriate.

Of course, suppose you are not satisfied with a fixed matching style and pursue uniqueness. In that case, I hope that every single home furnishing product has its sense of story and unique meaning-congratulations, complex mix. And match are some of the ways to reflect your taste. First, retro-style artist work is a choice that can’t go wrong.

retro style Wall decorative painting

In recent years, the retro style has become the most popular home decoration label because of its classic and timeless sense of fashion.


It has to be said that the works of artists with a sense of retro, fusion of artistic solid and romantic atmosphere, classic and versatile, are an excellent hand to create home-style and atmospher. Meanwhile, they have become a must-have for many homeowners.


Grasp the space and color collocation

Grasping the color of decorative paintings is the key to choosing a perfect decorative painting.

2 You can use a small range of color contrast to achieve the decorative effect of the painting.

Suppose the overall wall and furniture of the house are in cool colors. In that case, bright decorative paintings that do not conflict with the overall color can be used to reconcile the colors. And it can avoid the monotony of the house and add vitality to the living place.


Reasonable space display

Matching wall decorative paintings on the background wall for matching neew fresh. Appropriate white space is a more effortless matching skill to master. Filling the background wall has very high requirements for the color and theme of the decorative painting. And improper matching can easily cause a sense of space depression.

Wall decorative painting Tips:

Before installation, remember to make a good layout and measure the size to avoid regret it after nailing.

Here Nana briefly introduces the display forms of several decorative paintings for your reference. There is always one suitable for your home.

 1  Individual frame decoration

Suitable for people who are entangled and difficult to choose, a decorative painting solves all problems.

 2  Frame decoration of the same series

Suitable for people who like a sense of balance, with themed decorative painting to interpret more cleverly.

 3  Neatly arranged Wall decorative painting

Suitable for obsessive-compulsive disorder, or Virgo people.

 4  Irregular arrangement Wall decorative painting

Suitable for artistic and highly aesthetic people

 5  Random placement type

Suitable for freelancers and perfectionists who don’t like damage to the wall

No matter what kind of decorative painting combination method, it can make the space full of stories. Decorative paintings with soulful colors can enrich the room’s theme. And they show more of the homeowner’s mood and living conditions.

Today, Nana recommends a few decorative paintings for everyone, which can meet various styles. Simply hanging or placing it against the wall can instantly enhance the temperament of the home.



Andrew Wise “Wind by the Sea”

This is my favorite of all Wise’s works, he painted the appearance of wind.

Wind from the Sea, 1947

As one of the greatest American painters in the 20th century, Wise’s life was as simple as a monk. He painted ordinary things, not the neighbor, the neighbor’s house. the tree stump outside the window, the big yellow dog… But people were still moved to tears before these paintings. His works are mainly watercolor paintings and tempera paintings. And he is famous for painting themes close to familiar people’s lives.

Such a painting, no matter where it is hung in the house, it is like a soft and flexible window.

Interior in Stranfgade,Sunlight on the Floor, 1901

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