How to make highlights for Prom makeup? Tell you the simplest way

Yeah, for a lot of girls.

High gloss is a less common technique, and it does have a high miss rate.

Over time, it became something out of reach.
But life in the world, who has not taken some detours is not ~!

Try different ways to fix your face with highlights!
Maybe you’ll open up a new world.

Highlights easy positioning in one second

Highlights include:

Center forehead, center bridge of nose, chin brightened

And, crucially, cheekbone brightening

For the position of the cheekbones, seven words in a second

The highlight is where the finger meets the face

From Uncle Goss

Easy repair and positioning in one second

And the key is

Everyone is skilled in the bridge of the nose, the finishing of the hairline.

And on the sides of the cheeks, the lines are about parallel to the highlights.

It starts around the temples and extends towards the corners of the mouth.

(Nikkie demonstrates the “Spoon-blocking technique…” The primary purpose is to control the scope of beauty repair and prevent makeup. Interested girls can try it.)

Highlights of different face shapes

Even if the face shape is different, all the painting techniques are adhered to

Need to highlight the painting highlights, need to repair the principle of deep painting

Square face/heart face

In the case of square faces and hearts

Both belong to the wider sides of the face

The difference is that square faces have wider mandibles

Attention should be paid to modify the oversized mandible Angle and lighten the eye

Pear shape face

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, feature prominent cheekbones.

The position of the trim extends approximately from the temple up a long the hairline

And a little bit of cheekbone coverage.

At the same time, the relatively thin mandibular Angle is highlighted.

Visually balanced

The diamond shape

Long face

As for the long face, the technique requirements are simpler than the above two

To make the link look less long

The area near the hairline should have a wider range than the average face shape

In addition, most girls with long faces have relatively long atriums

Note that only the middle and lower part of the bridge of the nose can be modified

Other face

Round face, oval face, melon face relative

Soft lines and smooth facial contours

In the way to repair the appearance

As long as your facial lines are not too angular

The way it’s used is pretty much the same

Oval shape

Round face

Oval face

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