How to make Super exquisite eye makeup ?

Can’t flat Asians have deep eyes?

Countless beauty bloggers tell us with stunning European faux makeup.

As long as you can make up, there is no reason not to!


Want to experience charming and stunning European eye makeup?

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Matte brown eye makeup tutrial

STEP1: use coffee eye shadow to go up eyelid dizzy catch.


STEP2:Use white pearl eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye toward the center of the blur, making sure the edges are clear.


STEP3:The junction of white pearl eye shadow and brown eye shadow with pink brown pearl eye shadow dizzy. And pay attention to let these two colors transition naturally.


STEP4:Use dark brown eye shadow at the end of the eye to further deepen the silhouette.


STEP5:Draw a coarser look line along eyelash root with pencil of silvery white look line, eye end nature is elongated slightly rise.


STEP6:Turn up your eyelash curler, apply false lashes, and brush on mascara to make eye makeup look hybrid


Pink shimmy eye makeup tutorial

STEP1:A daub of eye shadow of purple bead light is in double eyelid drape. And inside the scope of 2mm of the upper part. Then use the drawing method of paragraph type eye shadow. Before the hind paragraph, the eye shadow is darker. The middle section is the ashiest. Lower eye tail after 1/3 also uses purple pearlescent eye shadow gently faint dye.


STEP2:There is a small amount of silver pearl eye shadow in the eye-head and eye center brightening. Pay attention to the eye head, eye purple eye shadow natural connection.


STEP3:Use a black eyeliner with a fine cat eye line, with a sharp upturned end and some padding.


STEP4:Curl the curler up, starting at the root of the lash. Apply false lashes and brush with long, thick mascara to blend natural and false lashes more naturally. When sticking false eyelashes, first attach the middle part, adjust the eye tail and head, and make false eyelashes close to the root of the natural eyelashes. Once glued, gently lift the false lashes with your fingers to allow them to curl naturally.


STEP5:Draw a Europe type to carry an eyebrow. When drawing to have an eyebrow, edge Angle feeling should be reduced relatively, do not want too sharp, can look very fierce on the vision otherwise. Eyebrow bone lower part uses white bead light to carry bright. The eyebrow is more stereo delicate. A stereo sense is dyed-in Europe type charming eye makeup is made finish like to try at once ~


Dark brown eyeshadow makeup


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STEP1:The eye shadow that uses light color first is in on eyelid large area make a base, dip in next take the eye shadow of a few red-brown, daub is in the sunken place of the eyelid, outline the basic design that gives stereo eyebrow eye. (If the double eyelid is not apparent, you can apply the double eyelid before painting the eye makeup so that the eyes will appear more profound and three-dimensional)

STEP2:Brush dips in with eye shadow, the eye shadow that takes red-brown, the radian nature along with eye socket dizzy catch.

STEP3:Dip in take dark brown eye shadow daub in eye socket most profound and eye tail triangle area, deepen eye ministry outline.

STEP4:Dip in a small amount of pink eye shadow and apply it to the white area below the deepest part of the eye socket.

STEP5:Dip in brown-orange pearl eye shadow and cover it with pink eye shadow. Blingbling eye shadow is invincible charm ~

STEP6:Superimpose the pearl eye shadow of kumquat color on palm orange eye shadow. The administrative levels of eye shadow are richer.

STEP7:Apply gold glitter to the middle of your upper and lower LIDS, and decorate the middle of your lower LIDS with gold star stickers.

STEP8: cream with black look line draw look line on a black, eye end elongates rise. Line the top and bottom of the eye with brown eye shadow on the lower lash line, and make sure it’s too natural with the gold eye shadow in the middle. Finally, curl up the eyelash curler, apply false eyelashes, and brush with mascara. High-level creative eye makeup with texture is complete. Isn’t it super amazing?


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