Mauritius travel : the holy place of honeymoon in romance!

Nowadays, the pursuit of perfect vacation travel is getting higher and higher, and ordinary play often cannot meet the thrills that young people need. Mauritius travel is the holy place of honeymoon. come to us for Mauritius travel.

Overseas self-driving has gradually become a new wave of popular pursuit. As an old overseas self-driving driver, today I will share the honeymoon holy land self-driving treasures. The sacred land check-in and self-driving tips are collected in one go, giving you an unforgettable and complete vacation.

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The most romantic honeymoon destination: Mauritius travel

Mauritius is close to the edge of Africa, and it is naturally labeled as Africa. Still, its bones reveal the romance of France, the elegance of Britain, and the charm of India.

Mauritius is listed as the three jewels of the Indian Ocean along with the Maldives and Seychelles, and it is also one of the purest places in the world today.

The island of Mauritius was formed by a volcanic eruption and surrounded by coral reefs. The island has a variety of landscapes. The coast is a narrow plain, and the center is a mountainous plateau area with many mountains and isolated peaks. With the previous release of Deng Chao’s “Break Up Master,” this African island nation in the Indian Ocean has gradually been sought after as a honeymoon resort.

The entire island of Mauritius is not significant, surrounded by the sea. It is simply a paradise for self-driving. The road is remarkably intact, and the self-driving time is not very long. It can be quickly done in a few hours from the southernmost part of the island to the northernmost part. You can see all kinds of scenery along the way in Shanghai, which is fascinating.

Tips for self-driving Mauritius travel

You can pick up the car directly at the Mauritius airport and confirm the car rental platform order in advance.

Almost all of the car rental companies here have their small windows. We rented a green Suzuki Swift in Mauritius through AVIS car rental. Its cute appearance looks cute and cute. For the two of us to drive by themselves, The space is entirely sufficient.

Many locals speak three languages or more, and English is a mixture of French solid and Creole. Maoqiu car rental recognizes the Chinese driver’s license and needs to show the credit card used when booking the car online, the original driver’s license, and the translation.

The vehicles in Mauritius are right rudder. Contrary to China, you may need to be familiar with it at the beginning. Don’t go backward when driving. Otherwise, it is perilous. Be sure to pay more attention to safety and road signs when driving.

Mauritius is a visa-free country. If you hold a passport valid for more than six months, you can quickly enter the country, return air tickets (print the ticket confirmation form) and hotel check-in form (print the hotel confirmation form).

The landmark of Mauritius: Le Morne

Picking up the car from the airport, we drove the green Suzuki Swift to the hotel. The beautiful scenery is all insight, but the most fascinating is Le Morne Brabant (Le Morne Brabant). Le Morne is the highest peak of Mauritius, and this beautiful mountain can be seen in many places in Mauritius.

Le Morne is a world natural heritage and is well-known due to its unique historical background. Mona Mountain, also called Mount Brabant, is a mountain on the southwest corner of Mauritius, and it is also a world-renowned business card of Mauritius.

In the process of hiking Mona Mountain, you will pass through the virgin forest. When you climb a certain height, you can see the colorful coral reefs from the west and south.

In Mao Qiu’s days, I could almost see Mona Mountain. I always felt that Mona Mountain was beautiful. It set against the blue sky, white clouds, and the blue sea, and it was as beautiful as a masterpiece.

The winter in Mauritius is also the rainbow season in Mauritius. Rainbows can be seen almost every day. Seeing the rainbow on the sea connects Le Morne to the sky, like a fairyland. Although practically no locals live here, the Le Morne Peninsula is essential in Mauritian culture and can resonate deeply among residents.

Self-driving tips: There are winding roads on the road, and the asphalt road conditions are good. The slope is relatively steep, but ordinary cars can enter, no special off-road vehicles are required, and pay attention to falling rocks on rainy days.

A paradise for hikers: Heihe Valley

The Black River Valley National Park is in the southwest of Mauritius. It is a paradise for animals. There are hundreds of plants, several kinds of unique birds, and many monkeys in the valley. Of course, this is also a good place for hiking, the roads and scenery are fascinating.

Driving from Mona Mountain to the Black River Valley National Park, the scenery along the way is beautiful. The fascinating part is the sugarcane fields on both sides of the road. The car is insignificant in this nature. In addition, there are often rainbows in Mauritius. It can be said that every day will be auspicious.

Self-driving tips:

There are many unknown roads near the Heihe Valley National Park, but the scenery is stunning. For example, we drove to the middle of La Ferme Reservoir and Casela Nature Park, perpendicular to the A3 highway. There is no exact name, but the scenery makes us unforgettable.

Busy and interesting capital: Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. Those who want to shop must not miss this place. Port Louis is the political, cultural, and economic center of the country and the largest seaport with an annual throughput of more than 3 million tons. It took less than an hour to drive from the Black River Valley National Park to this lively and busy place.

The French initially established port Louis in 1735. Nearly 300 years of history left the city with many historical relics, including colonial-style government buildings, Mauritius Postal Museum, and the Old Theatre of Port Louis. Shopping lovers should not miss Koodan Plaza, which is a great place to buy souvenirs.

The handicrafts in Mauritius are pretty good, especially the wooden sailboats, which are exquisitely handcrafted, and are the best as home furnishings. Local leather products such as cowhide bags, leather shoes, and belts all have African characteristics.

Cane sugar, vanilla, pepper, and rum are must-have goodies. Locally produced black tea is also worth buying, but the most memorable one is the lovely Dodo.

Mauritius travel Self-driving tips:

The safest place to park in Port Louis is in the parking lot of Le Caudan Waterfront. Parking is free on weekends, and the price is not high at ordinary times. It is very convenient to pay for parking with a credit card.

A must-see famous and famous landscape: Red Roof Church

We drove Suzuki Swift through the streets and alleys of Maoqiu. Everywhere was full of surprises, and the scenery was as beautiful as an oil painting. When you come to Mauritius, the Red Roof Church is a must-have place. Many celebrities have taken their wedding photos here. The color of the red-roofed church is in harmony with the color of the sky, and you can take beautiful photos when you shoot.

There is a very famous landscape here in Mauritius, that is, the red-roofed church is full of charm and appears on many postcards. The color of the church is mainly white and light yellow, and the roof is red. The yellow here is creamy yellow, reflecting the sea in the distance, the grass nearby, and the blue sky.

The facilities in the church are also elementary and straightforward. You can see an electric fan on the top, and the seats inside are wooden, full of classic style. The surrounding environment of the Red Roof Church is perfect. On one side of this church is the vast sea, and the other is full of greenery and infinite vitality.

Good tips

01. Sunscreen is powerful, and ultraviolet rays are powerful. Be sure to prepare for sun protection and mosquito prevention.

02. The language is mainly English, but Creo and French are also common languages here.

03. Mauritius has a subtropical maritime climate. The year is divided into summer and winter, but it is still hot even in winter. There is a four-hour time difference between Mauritius and the country.

04. Mauritius has been influenced by European culture for a long time. Western food here has unique advantages. In addition, because of Asia and Africa’s influence, Mauritius’s cuisine can be changed in many ways.

05. Some hotels do not use stock toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, wooden combs, and other items. Most hotels are built by the sea, and these hotels have their beach area.

06. Mauritius is especially suitable for self-driving. Mauritius, driving leftward, may need to be familiar with it initially, especially since there are many turntables and no traffic lights. The rule is to let the cars on the right pass first.

Although Mauritius is in Africa, it is an island of unbeatable beauty. As a sacred place for self-driving and honeymoon, it has natural advantages, from all kinds of rugged rocks in the mountains to large sugarcane fields in the plains, as well as numerous waterfalls and surrounding islands.

Self-driving travel can arrange your own reasonable time, and in Mauritius, you can book any car you want through AVIS. On different holidays, there will be overseas discounts, holiday trips. You may wish to go with friends or lovers Self-driving tour.

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