Platinum blonde hair color | Different Hair Color Ideas for the Current Season

Platinum blonde hair colors are trendy right now! Platinum blonde hair color girls always remember lightness, carelessness, and sweet femininity. It doesn’t matter if you have short blonde hair or long blonde hair, any blonde hairstyle. You are a fairy in a man’s eyes. Long hair is the embodiment of elegance and beauty in women. There are many golden hair colors to choose from this season. White blonde hair (vanilla ice cream) caused a sensation! Red blonde, honey blonde, and dark blonde hair were trendy in previous seasons. Gold highlights are a must-have trend and are suitable for all lower hair. Remember that solid color hair is permanently lost when it comes to color solutions with modern spaces. In this relationship, blonde hair is a good choice. Endless elegant blonde ideas and beautiful golden shades await you here!

Contemporary movies have given us magnificent visions of amazing angels and bright fairies, so it’s no wonder, so many girls now crave beautiful blonde hair. From white openings to platinum rolls, we’ve hand-picked 40 favorite styles to fully suit your whimsical taste. So, let’s take a look!

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1. Platinum blonde hair color

Very light hair, almost colorless, is an exciting choice of hair color with a cold skin tone. Usually, natural blonde people were blonde, but they finally got the blonde shade of water for washing dishes. The hair color is generally found to be a somewhat dull and dirty shade that must be bright. Platinum and white are the most suitable shades. They can be used as solid hair color for the whole body, highlight, hair color, or gradient. Let’s take a look at some examples.

source from : Instagram @ thehabipozturk

2. blonde in highlights hairstyle

source from : Instagram @ thehabipozturk

3. curly platinum hair color

source from : Instagram @ priigiuliana

4. blonde long wave hair

source from : Instagram @ thehabipozturk

5. Platinum Blonde  hair color styles

source from : Instagram @ muawise

6. pixie short platinum hair color

source from : Instagram @ kurzehaarstylenn

7. Platinum Blonde and White Hair Trend

source from : Instagram @ kurzehaarstylenn

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