Top 10 tourist destinations in the world, have you been there?

Although CNN and Facebook select the annual tourist attraction every year, there are 10,000 Hamlet for 10,000 readers. Of course, I also have the dream-talk version of the resort in his mind, especially after watching the pictures one after another. I am even more excited. There are many places worth visiting in the world . Because they are lovely. Here are some ideas to give you an inventory of the Top 10 tourist destinations in the editor’s mind.

Top 10 tourist destinations:


1. Provence is the first choice for many newcomers to spend their honeymoon, and one of the Top 10 tourist destinations . Because the lavender fields here have entirely different landscapes throughout the year. Provence is the “City of Knights” in Europe. It is located in southeastern France, adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and Italy. The Provence lavender honeymoon will give the couple a romantic purple honeymoon.

Top 9 tourist destinations :Tuscany

2.Tuscany is the romantic capital of Italy and one of the Top 10 tourist destinations.  The rolling hills, the coastline scenery of different styles. And the postcards that are easy to send have attracted the fashionable people of Florence. And the wealthy of Rome all year round. After visiting this place, everyone probably dreams of living in Tuscany and enjoying a sweet life!

3.Top 10 tourist destinations : Greece

Greece is the first choice for many people’s honeymoon. Greece has almost everything about love—the Aegean Sea, which symbolizes promise, the intoxicating and romantic scenery. And of course, the myths of the classical era that are even more fascinating. Love. Don’t forget that Greece is also the hometown of Cupid, the love goddess of love. Pisces looking into the night sky, the love words of the little love god Cupid and the mortal girl Psyche seem to be the softest call in the ears.

Top 10 tourist destinations: Bali

4. Bali is one of the first choices. The beautiful soft beaches, the warm and beautiful Indian Ocean waters. And the pristine tropical rainforest. And the bushes and wildflowers everywhere will make your honeymoon trip incredibly romantic.

The island of Tahiti

5.The island of Tahiti has always been the best choice for travel. The paradise island of Tahiti in the South Pacific is the best place for couples. Here new people can enjoy the beautiful island scenery while spending romantic time in love.

The Los Roques Islands of Venezuela

6.The Los Roques Islands of Venezuela in Latin America are located in the Caribbean Sea. The population of the Los Roques Islands is small. And this area is not well known to the outside world. Therefore, the island maintains the original, wild, and various strange beauty. The Los Roques Islands are about 350 islands or coral reefs. And there is much marine life in the waters around the coral reefs. There are also clear bays and white sandy beaches. A tourist attraction like a dreamlike one.

Danxia landform in Zhangye National Geopark

7. Danxia landform in Zhangye National Geopark, China. For 24 million years, sandstones and minerals of different colors have been pressed into colorful rock formations and then affected by plate movement. The rock formations have been pushed into various curved lines. This rainbow-like soil is really like a dream. Although there is no sea breeze caressing and no romantic islands, these colorful lands give people a different experience.

The Feitian Fountain

8.The Feitian Fountain is located on a private farm for millions of miles in the Black Rock Desert. The flying fountain is not a natural phenomenon. It was caused by accident in a geothermal test in 1964. Since then, hot water has been continuously sprayed out. And the calcium carbonate deposits brought out by the hot water have increased at a rate of several inches each year. The bright reds and greens there are produced by algae’s growth adapted to the geysers’ extreme microclimates.

9. A huge fire pit in the middle of the Karakum Desert

9At first glance, it looks like a scene in a science fiction movie, but this colossal fire pit in the middle of the Karakum Desert is not evidence of aliens attacking the earth. It was made by geologists 40 years ago, and the fire in the fire pit has never been extinguished since. The locals call it “the gate of hell.”

The Wisteria Tunnel

10.The Wisteria Tunnel is located in the Hanoi Wisteria Garden in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. After the annual cherry blossom season, wisteria flowers follow. The best time to see the Wisteria Tunnel is from April to May.

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