TOP 15 Island travel : One island a year, one dream and one paradise

An island, a piece of blue is romantic for Island travel. surfing on the beach, the beauty of the island is fascinating; the world’s island rankings, Madai can’t even squeeze into the top five? ! Take a look at the charming island you like!

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Cost-e ffective island ▎ take a fly and leave

TOP 15 Island travel : Sabah

Sabah, a place where every tourist can be satisfied. In this paradise, you can climb the highest peak in Malaysia and explore the jungle. Of course, diving in Sipadan in the southeast is indispensable.

Featured tours:

① Trek through the virgin forest, explore caves, cross the river by raft, and get a glimpse of the life of the probosci’s monkey!

② Go fishing in the blue sea, snorkel, and watch the colorful marine life!

③Visit the longhouse of the tribe and experience the local customs of the “Doumo” bazaar.

TOP 14 Island travel : Bali

Many travel magazines have voted bali as one of the most intoxicating vacation destinations in the world, not to mention that Bali can be visa-on-arrival, get a passport, and you can be willful once!

Featured tours:

① Go surfing at Kuta Beach and enjoy SPA by the sea.

②Deep diving in the East China Sea to see the sunken ship.

③Watch a Balinese dance of gods!

TOP 13 Island travel : Phuket

The charm of Phuket comes from its clean white sandy beaches and bottomless blue waters. For the people here, many festivals and colorful nightlife are part of life.

Featured tours:

①Walk through the streets and alleys of Phuket Town and integrate into the local life.

②Taste authentic Thai food such as peculiar seafood.

③Watch a show and enjoy an authentic Thai SPA!

Quality Island ▎ Give yourself a vacation every six months

TOP 12 Island travel : Okinawa

It’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Okinawa is Japan, but not like Japan. Okinawa Island, composed of more than 60 islands, large and small, has a winding and beautiful coastline. People can peek into the mystery of the identity and the beauty of the island here.

Featured tours:

① Go to Yaedake to see the cherry blossoms for the first time. This is the earliest and most colorful cherry blossom in Japan!

②Okinawa has one of the most beautiful glass churches in the world~ get married!

TOP 11 Island travel :Boracay

The most beautiful beach in Asia is a dream destination for many people’s honeymoon. There are many tropical island elements, and the thrilling water activities are not inferior, and the rich nightlife…all these are waiting for you to experience!

Featured tours:

① Visit the night market, go to the bar, and feel the nightlife!

②Look at all kinds of sand sculptures, and make one yourself!

③Lying on the beach, enjoy the Philippine spa with coconut oil and fine sand!

TOP 10 Island travel :Koh Samui

There are various beaches scattered under the coconut trees all over the mountains. Hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants dot each coast, forming the appearance of a small town.

Featured tours:

① Get a license at a diving resort!

②Have fun at the entire moon party!

③It is a total enjoyment to do SPA on Koh Samui. The vast sea is in front of you, and the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers.

TOP 9 Island travel :Saipan

Saipan is a cozy and sunny island in the Pacific Ocean. Almost all the buildings on both sides of the streets of the isle are miniature, like the reflection of the fairy tale kingdom in reality, and the natural and primitive style makes people linger.

Featured tours:

①Take a plane and overlook the Blue Coast!

② Have fun on the water in Gunkanjima!

③From May to July every year, the entire island is filled with red phoenix flowers~

④Experience the ultimate diving in the Blue Hole!

TOP 8:Green Sea (Pangkor Island)

Lvzhonghai is also known as “Happy Island.” This is a place full of wild fun. You will see peacocks walking around without anyone from time to time, and it is best not to provoke the monkeys on the island. They don’t think of themselves as outsiders.

Featured tours:

①Lvzhonghai is one of the “top ten honeymoon spots in the world” and has the reputation of “the world’s most romantic island.”

②An island is better than Madai~ It’s much cheaper than sacks! Have a high degree of privacy!

TOP 7:Maldives

Even if it is just a glimpse, the world’s top island resort will make you unforgettable. The Maldives is free to land on the islands. There is no pressure on a blank passport. You can set off with your access.

Featured tours:

①Go out to sea by speedboat, watch dolphins cruise and go fishing at dusk

②Participate in seaplane activities, and look down at the magnificent view of coral reefs, big beads and small beads falling on the jade plate through the window

TOP 6:Hawaii

With the world’s most active volcano and the highest oceanic mountain globally, the warmth of Hawaiians is complemented by the perfect scenery of the island in all seasons.

Featured tours:

① Look at the magical volcanic lava!

②Let’s dance hula with the beautiful girl!

③Watch the incredible scenery of whales jumping out of the water.

TOP 5:Mauritius

God first created Mauritius and then started the Garden of Eden in the shape of Mauritius. Although Mauritius has been labeled as Africa, it still has the romance of France, the elegance of Britain, and India’s charm in its bones.

Featured tours:

①In Port Louis, experience the blending of multiple cultures!

②Go to Chamarel Park and see the fantastic seven-color land and the waterfall with super high drop.

③Dance the sensational Seka dance and feel the unique customs!

Luxury island ▎I always go to it once in my lifetime

TOP 4:Fiji

It is said that Fiji returns without watching the sea! One of the top ten beautiful beaches globally, Fiji makes your dream garden of Eden a reality. There are 333 islands with any activities you can imagine.

Featured tours:

①Climb aboard a luxury schooner and travel all over the islands!

②Watch the earliest sunrise and sunset in the world!

③Participate in thrilling shark diving activities.

④ Parachuting at the height of 14,000 feet.

⑤Drink the world’s top Fiji Water.

TOP 3:Seychelles

Less development in Seychelles allows her to maintain the most primitive Indian Ocean style to the greatest extent. It is visa-free for China, and it is also a honeymoon place chosen by many aristocrats and even royal families in Europe.

Featured tours:

①Go to Wuyuegu, the smallest natural heritage site globally, to experience the tropical rainforest, see Seychelles’ national treasure, the sea coconut, hold it and play cool!

②Play with the giant tortoise in the world.

③ Feel the “pink beach” pure enough to have no flaws!

Top island ▎Here is paradise, you don’t need to doubt

TOP 2: Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands

This is the place with the highest rate of successful marriage proposals in the world. It is a feast for the senses. It is dotted with isolated coasts and friendly towns for tourists to explore, making you beautiful.

Featured tours:

① Take a bird’s eye view of the islands by helicopter!

②The heart-shaped island has won the “100% success rate of marriage proposals” for the Great Barrier Reef. The church on the island is also the busiest in the world, one word-“romance”!

TOP 1: Tahiti

In Tahiti, beauty is not vain. The ocean is graceful and boundless, the beach is soft, and the sun is scorching hot; tropical plants and Tahitian women grow together towards fullness. Tahiti is more real-life than art.

Featured tours:

① Come to a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach and enjoy a French meal. The Michelin restaurant in Tahiti recommends five stars.

② Take a sailing boat tour around the island and see the legendary bread tree. The fruit of this book recorded in Zhang Xiaoxian’s tree is baked and eaten, just like toasting bread, you must try it!

③Go to the bottom of the sea to feed the sharks, and let’s have a close encounter with the sharks!

Which is the TOP1 island in your mind?

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