Use green plants to invigorate your home and Indoor maintenance skills

Many people like to be in their own home,and makeup green plants to decorate .

Raise some flowers and plants to decorate it

You can be happy and purify the air


Let’s share some plants suitable for indoor cultivation

Help everyone to brighten up their lives and relax their minds and bodies

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Ficus plant and Indoor maintenance skills

The Qin Yerong is usually called a rubber tree, and it can almost be seen in the northern temperate zone and Asia.

The plants of Qin Yerong are very tall. And Some can reach a height of 12 meters. Meanwhile, its leaves are dense and lush, the color is verdant. And the shape of the leaves resembles a cello. And It likes a warm, humid, calm, while ventilated growth environment.

Indoor maintenance skills:

During the rapid growth period of the Qin Yerong, the top dressing should be paid attention to. besides, Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizer or cake fertilizer can be used. Appropriate top dressing with calcium and potassium fertilizers will help enhance the lignification of the stems and make the plants vigorous.

It is necessary to ensure sufficient sunlight, so when cultivating the Qin Ye Banyan. And it is best to place it in a position facing the sun in the south, but the direct light will not be too strong. Please don’t put it in a dark corner. And It will quickly lead to leaf chlorosis and disease.



Cactus is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of North America, and it is less cultivated in southern my country.

Because the cactus has a particular effect of purifying the air, it has become a kind of species that people deeply love. The plant is sturdy in shape, dark green in color. Meawhile, many pointed thorns grow on the surface, which looks domineering.

Cactus Indoor maintenance skills:

When the weather is hot, proper shading is required. Or moved outdoor under big trees or shade sheds for maintenance. During the vigorous growth period of the cactus, you can water it once every morning (or evening). It should not be saturated on the plants to avoid causing rot. And It is advisable to use a sprayer to spray 2-3 times a day to increase air humidity and promote healthy growth.

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Monstera and Indoor maintenance skills

Monstera is an evergreen shrub native to Mexico, and it is still cultivated in southern my country. It has large leaves and unique outlines. The flowering period is from August to September, and the flowers are pale yellow.

Monstera likes a warm and humid natural environment, avoids drying and exposure to the sun. And avoids direct sunlight. It can be placed in a ventilated place to shade and be exposed to more sunlight in winter.

Indoor maintenance skills:

Monstera likes a calm environment and is not suitable for being placed under the scorching sun. It would help if you chose a place that is both shaded and protected from direct sunlight. And It is necessary to keep the soil moist and pour water and spray on its leaves to keep its leaves bright.



Succulents are plants that have at least one of the roots, stems. And leaves of plants that are thick and succulent and have the function of storing large amounts of water.

And Succulents are often used to decorate homes. The layers of small circles are charming and healing. Desks, windowsills, coffee tables, and other places can bring you the softness of your heart. Besides, the watering cycle is very long, so there is no need for regular care.

Indoor maintenance skills:

Succulents are more afraid of heat and humidity. If indoor ventilation is not good, you can move Succulents to a fantastic outdoor place with unobstructed air. Shading is also significant, and it can be moved indoors or in shade sheds. Succulents require a lot of water in hot weather, so remember to water them at night. If the meat is not in good condition, check if the soil is good, and replace the nutrient soil with better water permeability and air permeability according to the situation.



Strelitzia is a subtropical long-day plant. It likes a warm, humid, sunny environment, fears severe cold, avoids extreme heat, avoids drought, and avoids flooding. Loose, fertile, sandy loam with a pH value of 6-7 with good drainage is required. The optimum temperature during the growth period is 20-28°C.

And Strelitzia looks very magnificent. It is a tropical ornamental plant. The flowers that bloom is a bit like the head of a crane. If you keep it in the living room, it looks exquisite. It can also purify the air. It also looks quite nice—tropical style.

Indoor maintenance skills:

Maintain strelitzia in a cool, ventilated place for maintenance. Shade when the sun is hot, reduce fertilizer and spray more water around the plant. The strelitzia leaves are large, and watering is better than other green plants. Be diligent, but not too much. To avoid root rot caused by waterlogging, keep the soil slightly moist.


Phoenix tail bamboo

It is suitable for planting in the courtyard, the corner of the house, and the door. The smaller plants of Phoenix-tailed bamboo can be produced on the flower stand and used to make bamboo bonsai. At the same time, it can also be planted in the garden. Planting materials for short hedgerows are widely used.

Phoenix tail bamboo likes acidic, slightly acidic, or neutral soil, and the potted cultivation soil is mixed with 1 part of mulch soil, 0.5 part of garden soil, and a small amount of river sand and husked ash. Avoid sticky, heavy, and alkaline soils.

Indoor maintenance skills:

Potted Phoenixtail bamboo should be planted in a cool indoor place. Pay more attention to watering, keep the potting soil moist, and spray water on the leaf surface and the ground to keep the air damp Phoenixtail bamboo branches and leaves can be green.


Adiantum and its Indoor maintenance skills

Maidenhair fern is highly adaptable and one of the most popular green plants. Its stems and leaves are beautiful and colorful, and its plant shape is small. It is very suitable for small potted plants to decorate home windowsills and other places.

Indoor maintenance skills:

Maidenhair fern should be maintained in a brightly lit room, keep the potting soil moist, water it in the morning and evening, and spray it around to increase the air humidity. Do not water and fertilize in hot weather. Fertilization is usually carried out in the evening, and water the following day after fertilization. Maidenhair fern is afraid of wind and should not be placed in front of electric fans and air-conditioning outlets. The air humidity in air-conditioned rooms is low, so the number of sprays should be increased.

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